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Wireless Gas Detection

Gastronics pioneered the first all-in-one wireless gas monitor in 1999. The True Wireless gas detection system offers the most economical solution for monitoring combustible and toxic gases from remote locations. Radio technologies include Hi Power 6 Watt UHF/VHF for long distance and 900MHz/2.4GHz MESH for more localized applications. Download brochure…

Hardwired Gas Detection

Gastronics 4-20mA hardwired gas monitors are available with single and dual gas sensors and built rugged for harsh environments. The Gastronics monitors can accommodate various sensors including Infrared, and Photo-Ionization. Download brochure…

Radio Telemetry Systems

Gastronics Radio Telemetry Systems consist of complete RTU’s that use a windows based programming software with a complete library of Controls, Statistics, Communications, Ladder Logic, I/O, Math, Tables and more. Our RTU’s can integrate with Land Based, Satellite, and Cellular Radio technology. Systems are compatible with Modbus-RTU for integration with Distributed Control Systems and other SCADA packages. Download brochure…

Flare Emissions Testers

E-Instruments designs and manufactures a complete range of innovative instrumentation solutions encompassing portable Combustion Gas Analyzers, Flare Emissions Testers, Air Quality, and Calibration equipment especially designed for the energy, process, industrial, and HVAC markets. Portable analyzers measuring O2, O3, CO, NOx (NO + NO2), SO2, H2S, CO2, CxHy hydrocarbons and VOC’s provide for stack emissions monitoring and general air quality.

Hand-held Air Quality monitors also sense Humidity, Temperature, Air Velocity, Air Flow, and differential pressure (manometers) among others. The analyzers are available with special exhaust gas sampling probes, real-time data logging software, internal data storage, and wireless Bluetooth printers. Download brochure…

Portable Air Quality Monitors

2B Technologies specializes in portable instruments for measurements of Ozone (O3), Nitric Oxide (NO) and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and other chemical species in air. Download brochure…

Control Buildings and Cabinets

Falcon Control Systems is a manufacturing and service company based in Houston, Texas. Falcon designs and fabricates control buildings and cabinets such as Remote Instrument Enclosures (RIEs), Power Control Rooms, Analyzer Shelters, Switchgear Buildings, MCC Buildings, Stainless Steel Control Cabinets, Marshalling Panels, Ballast Panels and more. Our Instrumentation /Automation group designs and provides PLC Programming and Commissioning /Start-Up.

Portable PID Detection Instruments

Ion Science is the largest manufacturer of photoionisation detection (PID) sensors with our technology trusted by major gas detection manufacturers around the globe. As well as sensors, we manufacture a range of leading handheld, personal and fixed PID detection instruments for the fast, accurate detection of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Additional to our PID range are our gas leak detectors, SF6 leak detectors, and portable mercury detectors.

Our PID technology has a dynamic detection range of ppb to 20,000 ppm and exceptional resistance to humidity and contamination for the most accurate, reliable results you can trust within the most challenging environments.  Download brochure…

Meteorological Instruments

The R. M. Young Company manufacturers scientific grade meteorological instruments and displays.  YOUNG products include mechanical and ultrasonic anemometers, thermometers, tipping bucket rain gauges, barometers, displays and accessories.

Products include the YOUNG Wind Monitor and Wind Tracker display which are installed in the most challenging environments on every continent and in every ocean.  Download brochure…

Emergency Management Software

Safer Systems LLC is the global leader in emergency management of chemical releases. The SaferOne™ chemical dispersion modeling software provides 24 hour cloud based chemical emeregency management to help you safeguard your people, your property and your community. Download brochure…

Stationary Air Quality

The airpointer® is the world’s first integrated, certified and type approved according to European Norms and the regulations of the US Environmental Protection Agency, compact air quality monitoring system.

A turn-key product that can be quickly and easily installed with 50% lower total cost of ownership than conventional metering stations. A modular system equipped with gas analyzers from Thermo Fisher and/or Teledyne API, also allowing customized add-ons (e.g. vehicle counters, noise sensors, wind sensors).

Due to its small size and weight, the airpointer® can be installed in a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications including among others public places, industrial sites, traffic sites, and meteorology, as well as in diverse environmental conditions.
Download brochure…

Flame Detection

FFE Limited offers a wide range of industry leading Beam and Flame detectors to ensure the safety of you, your business assets and your property. The Talentum line of flame detectors give the highest immunity to false flame sources both indoors and out. Technologies
include UV/IR, Dual IR and Triple IR and are certified for hazardous locations. Download brochure…

Passive Monitoring Technology

Ormantine Environmental is a market leader in the supply and analysis of ambient air pollution monitoring products specializing in passive diffusion tubes with accurate and timely analysis. Passive monitoring technology provides inexpensive, long-term air sampling over a large area without the need for capital investment.

Passive sampling is commonly used for dispersion modeling, model validation, indoor air surveys, emissions monitoring, air quality control, and perimeter monitoring. It’s also used for personal air sampling, soil analysis and workplace monitoring for occupational health and safety.  Download brochure…

Emergency Warning Signaling

E2S is the world’s leading independent manufacturer of high performance audible and visual signals for commercial, industrial, marine, onshore and offshore hazardous locations. Combining the latest technology with engineering expertise we have created the most extensive range of life saving signals that satisfy the toughest global standards.

UV/FTIR, Open Path Technology

Cerex Monitoring Solutions specializes in the manufacture of FTIR and UVDOAS multi gas analyzers for Fence-line Monitoring, Continuous Emission Monitoring, Process Monitoring, Ambient Air Quality Monitoring, Indoor Air Quality Monitoring, Leak Detection and Hazmat First Response.

Cerex uses solid spectroscopy techniques to simultaneously monitor multiple gases in real time. Our devices are highly sensitive, precise, and reliable in rough field conditions. Download brochure…


Management and Reporting Software

air.status enables companies to comply with air pollutant and emission regulations and reporting requirements by providing a stable platform for the management and reporting of Air Quality, Production and Weather Data. This cutting-edge system automatically handles the import, storage, collation and reporting of all relevant data and reduces the tedious effort previously required for these tasks into a few clicks of a mouse.

Most of the heavy lifting happens quietly in the background. Notifications and alerts are automatically dispatched as excursions are triggered, enabling immediate reaction and response. Dynamic charting and detailed analysis on all data is intuitively presented and can be exported in a variety of formats if required. The fully custom reporting features are where the power really shines through. Comprehensive reports can be created within a matter of minutes, using a streamlined wizard which compiles all relevant charts, images and data into the appropriate sections and prompts you for relevant commentary when necessary. With one final button-click, the report is published as a PDF and immediately available for distribution.

air.status takes the pain out of Air Quality Monitoring and provides you with an elegant, reliable application to manage this critical process from start to finish.